my story


Whenever I am asked: "Where are you from?" and "What's your profession?" my responses often cause quite a bit of confusion. "Quito, Ecuador" is the answer to the first question and "Aerialist" is the answer to the second. Make sense? :) Not exactly right? I'll explain.

I was born in Mammoth Lakes, CA. At the age of 4, my parents felt God was calling them to leave their life in California, pack up a motor home and travel through Central America, searching to follow a higher purpose. But it was a mission trip to Ecuador that showed my parents what their new purpose was going to be: taking care of abandoned children. My parents opened 'For His Children' which began in 1990 with one little baby in our living room. Today, over 500 children have been adopted.

I attended an international school in Quito for 12 years. I learned Spanish quickly and adjusted quite well. Life overseas was 'normal' to me. Volcanoes erupting, occasional riots in the city streets, electrical rationing, trips to the jungle, developing country problems, etc. The country and culture are beautiful, so growing up there didn't seem that unpleasant. I took gymnastics in elementary school and ballet classes my senior year. I stood out as the only light skinned, blonde haired child in every class! It wasn't until university that I got really serious about dance.

I auditioned to be a dance major at the University of California, Santa Barbara and being accepted into that program completely changed the course of my life. Ballet, modern, choreography, and improvisation classes consumed my life, and I loved every minute of it, despite the extra effort I felt I had to put in due to my lack of years of training. After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue dance professionally, enabled by the loving support of my family.

My journey in the dance world has been amazing. My path has been so blessed with incredible people who have guided and mentored me through. I am always grateful for every job, no matter how big or small, which has made me feel content and successful at all stages of my career.

It was during one specific performance by aerialist Tania Holt that changed the course of my life... which leads me to the answer of the second question, ā€œIā€™m an aerialist.ā€

The beauty, fluidity, power and essence of all that is feminine made me instantly fall in love with aerial. I approached Tania and told her how much I enjoyed her performance. She invited me to come the next day to Hollywood Aerial Arts for my first class.

My life is completely changed because of aerial. I trained obsessively, taking as many classes as I could, learning from as many people as possible, training on every apparatus imaginable, traveling to festivals around the world. I performed one year after starting my training, and began teaching 2 years later. It all happened so fast and yet so naturally. I feel aerial and me were always meant to be.

Through dance and aerial I have met some amazing, inspiring artists, worked with some of the top talent, traveled the world and been blessed to do what I love every day. Some of my most exciting job opportunities have been working with Cati Jean in L'effleur des Sens, JYJ Korean Band, as a trapeze body double for Heidi Klum, as a Justin Bieber commercial stunt double, in Kanye West's Coachella Valley Music Festival performance and with Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards.

I hope to continue performing and exploring as an artist. I feel there is so much to experience in life and I am open to it all. Life is about creating, growing and becoming the person you want to be...I feel excited to be on that journey...